Saturday, January 26, 2019

Since winter goes on and on

I am not sure if the weather is taking its revenge for giving a great summer last year. What I know is that this year we had such amount of snow to make us all really yearn about summertime.
Although this is not necessarily valid for everyone. There are still those people who prefer to have winter all year round rather than summer.
For me, this is the time when I start to yearn summer, and it generally happens between January and February.
Those are my personal phases of the winter:
October: Oh, things are getting ready for the first snow, I can't see the time. I will take so many stunning pictures, I will see the beauty of the pure white environment, I can't see the time!
 November: Gosh! The first snow, yet it could be more, I hope it will snow so much that I can also make the taller snowman in the world! 

December: Wow, that is what I call a snowfall! Oh damn! the snowplow cars are stuck... oh well this will mean extra exercise! 

January: Ok, ok, I understood it's nice to see this white and pureness, can't we just slowly start melting away? 

February: CURSE YOU! Stop snowing alright!
March, if it is still snowing or the snow persists: That's it! I am packing my stuff and move to a tropical island! 

Generally, here in Helsinki, the snow lasts until mid-March, to melt away quite fast within two or three weeks, although there have been years where the snow remained until mid-May.
I think I am still traumatized by those experiences.
I saw my family living in Italy complaining about the weather that started already to be too hot, and I was still here, between scarves winter coat, hats, and gloves, hoping at least to be able to remove one item.
For now I am still hanging on, but I have already planned to be in Italy for Easter, so if here the winter will persist until then, I will at least have my escape plan ready.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice to know you have an escape hatch to avoid a lingering winter.


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