Saturday, February 2, 2019

Writer's life, when wandering is on stand-by

It's not like I want it, if it were for me, I would be a nomad with a steady headquarter. That would be the place where I legally live, and I receive post (and bills).
The place where to settle for that little amount of time before feeling the itchy feeling of being on the road once again.
The countdown to the next journey is set on two months and a half from now, but in the meanwhile, since I am not wandering, I am just the writer, and you bet I am!
I am writing now the last part of the trilogy Deadly Deception, which might be published, depending on my editor, on April/May (keep finger crossed!).
To be honest, the simple writer has become way more productive than the Wandering Writer, as I started to write over 3000 words a day. I know there are writers who can also write 10000 words a day, and honestly, I have no idea how they do that. 
Even if I weren’t busy for eight hours a day at work, even if I were a full-time writer, I am not sure I could ever achieve that target.

On the other hand, it is also true that I would have never considered the possibility for me to be able to write more than 500-1000 words a day, and instead, here I am. Five days 15000 words, and the weekend has just started.
If on my audience there are indie authors who are struggling with production, I can suggest what it worked for me. I have given all the marketing in the hands of someone else. Totally, completely avoiding the marketing, just focusing on my writing, did the trick. Not to mention the fact that having a professional that can handle it, who knows the language of the market, put me on that state of mind that I can really stop worrying about that part and focus on the creative process. 
Now there is always the financial part that tricks it, but on the other hand, when you find the person able to transform your investment into profit, I guess those are well-spent money.
Then if we consider the money I spend like the money for the gym or another hobby, we all have to agree that whenever we do something to please, reward ourselves, it often comes with spending some money.
It is sad, but this is how our world is going, quite a few things are for free, and God thanks, those are the best things in life!

Stay positive my friends, and have a great weekend!


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