Saturday, February 23, 2019

a writer's problem - The wait between edits

For me as a writer the best is during the time when I write the story, the next book I will publish, that little story that has been teasing me for months and that I had to keep it quiet because I was busy writing something else.
When I am finally put the words "The End" to my novel, and I have gone through the preliminary editing. There is the moment I give it to the hands of the editor for the serious polishing.
That is a moment almost magic, relieving and daunting at the same time.

The editor is the first person who sees your book and sees probably the worst of it, as she will probably find spelling issues, plot holes that I haven't noticed, wrong time frames... you just name it.
Besides that, she has to see the potential of the story and the most nail chewing experience if the wait between the moment you send it to her, and the time you will see on your email the email carrying the terrifying subject: "Title of the book- first round of corrections."
No that is a horror movie!
You are reading the comments in the body of the email looking for something that lights up your day like "I find it really entertaining..." "it has a strong plot..." together with those "However..."

That is a chilling start of a sentence.
The moment of the truth, downloading the attachment and opening keeping my eyes closed and opening only one per time.
And sighing "Oh well, I was expecting worse!"
From that moment on, the second and third rounds are moving on smoothly, and I can think about what's next.
Yes, what's next? At that point, there are so many things that need to be prepared, the blurb, the cover art or at least the kindle cover art as for the paperback you need to know the exact number of pages to calculate the spine thickness. Then there is to think about the marketing pre-order or not, invent new strategies to build up the right buzz before releasing it, and in the meanwhile also start to decide what will I write next.

Indeed that is also the time when the stories I have been keeping aside, act like living creatures with a life of their own, and as they realize that the previous story is completed, they demand your attention to be translated from thoughts to printed text.
At least for me, this is the time of struggling, because I have to decide which idea will be the next in line, and it is always quite difficult for me to decide which one will be the next. With the time I have been falling in love with them all.

Generally, I decided by time order, first come best served, so the idea that arrived as first will also be the one which will be written next. even though this is not a strict rule.
At the moment I find myself at the stage when I wait for the first round of editing is coming back to me from the editor, the cover art has been decided, and the blurb is on its way.
So you know at which point I am...


  1. Best wishes tunneling your way to the light of day when your work is polished and ready for publication.

  2. Sounds like you have it all under control.Best wishes!


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