Saturday, July 29, 2017

A sneak peek, you said? The Wandering Writer is yet idling into simply writing

Ok, folks. last time I have left you with a little bit of suspense if we can call it that way about the new project coming up in a couple of months.
The next novel. 

“…We are the dirty consciousness of a world who believes having defeated evil and nurtures it…”

This was the starting point that gave me a hint to conceive the story. Once I saw this written on a wall, during one of my wanderings, and like a small spark, it ignited a blaze that could be extinguished only by writing it down.
What can I say about it is that it has a very actual topic, it has to do with the political decision making and the implications in the everyday life of common people. Particularly the implications on that, almost, invisible part of the population living on the fringe of society. 

Beggars, homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes and all those people, living like ghosts waiting for a miracle to save them or just to become real ghosts in a painless way.

There will be a lot of suspense and like in the previous novel, a good deal of introspection, raw and difficult feelings, intense emotions, and true friendship. There will be plenty of time for the reader to be lost in considerations or reconsideration, and I truly hope each of them will enjoy it.

The main theme will be probably compassion, hope, forgiveness, and understanding as the life of the main characters will see some sort of hope coming with the new elections and fear as a mysterious serial killer, who is going to start his job.

Recalling the mistakes done with my first novel, this time the cover art will be carefully chosen, in order to avoid living another night of the zombie book cover (see blog post on March 8, 2017). Therefore a cover artist has been hired to take care of it professionally and to take off of my shoulders the grievance of such a task.
The title also has been already chosen:

My husband wasn't convinced about the title, as he saw it as a haunting horror story. Well, horror is not always related to paranormal activity. In my opinion, most of the time the real horror is what many people in this world are experiencing every day, or even occasionally.

As my grandmother used to tell us when as kids we were afraid of the dark, you should never be afraid of those who are already dead; fear those who are still alive.

At that time, we didnt really get the meaning of that sentence as for us the scariest thing was the unknown that hides in the shadows. Growing up, we realized that she was right and there was no reason to fear the darkness unless a thief (somebody who is still alive) was intruding in our house night time.

Therefore, in this novel, the ghosts are those people who are invisible to the society; those who used to have everything but for a series of coincidences, they lost everything and are just waiting in the shadows hoping to have granted another chance, or simply waiting to die.

Morgan Street is a fictitious place, nothing that should be reconnected to an existing place, to real events or to real people. Luckily this is just a fiction meant to entertain and also to give a hint to reconsider our point of view.

I will come back on this novel once it will be ready for the big audience. Meanwhile, I will resume my wanderings, and next time I will bring you with me to discover new destinations.

Until then...
Have a great weekend!!

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