Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hocus Pocus and the Wandering Writer is lost in considerations

This is the time of the year, at least for me, when I start to look at the time that has passed and whatever has happened in the last year. I know that many people do this in January, together with all the propositions for the new year. However, since, generally those propositions last for max a couple of weeks, I decided not to mess this post with them.
A writer! If someone had told me even three years ago that I would have engaged in the adventure of becoming a published author, I would have laughed at them.
Of course, writing has always been a passion for me, but that was together with traveling, photography, gardening...
I would have never taken that option seriously if it hadn't been for the intervention of a series of (un)fortunate events. So, before I could even realize it myself, my first book was live in Amazon. Now looking back at the last year, I still don't know whether it was wise, but it was interesting to discover another part of me. Writing has helped me to understand something more about my inner self.
So from last August, I finally received the final draft of my novel, which needed yet some revision, the cover art, the description in the back of the book, and in October it was live.
Then I had to rediscover an entire world, realizing what I did wrong, and how to correct my mistakes. Particularly how to learn from all my mistakes.
Destiny wasn't on my side, as losing my day-job in December put a strong break in every direction.
I couldn't travel, so I wondered how to tell my tales about wandering and writing, I couldn't invest in marketing my book, and I couldn't think to invest in publishing another.
I was just in an unbearable idle state.

Being idle for a person who, like me, loves and lives for the next traveling adventure is hard. Like this wasn't enough I went through a couple of important losses, one was my mother, and the other my rabbit who has been with me for the last 11 years (enough time to get really attached to her).
Nevertheless, the show had to go on!
Something I need to say is that I got the best lessons from the darkest periods in my life, and strangely enough, I feel more grateful for those bad periods rather than for the good ones. It might sound strange, but from the good periods when everything goes with the flow, you are brought to think that everything is granted, and you just follow that flow.
However, when things go bad, if you don't let depression come your way, you might see very important lessons to be learned. I start to believe that bad times comes your way just to remind you of your strength, and to develop new ones to withstand the situation, find a solution and appreciate all the good times you ever had. It isn't easy, but after all, it is always in our hands, and hope is the best medicine you can get, together with walks in the woods.
There, I took once again hands on my camera and rediscovered the passion for observing the nature under all the possible aspects.
From the smallest...
 To the ones who have still to grow and discover life...
 and the big picture offered in so many colors to seem almost surreal (!)
In the meanwhile, I took this small pause to write and write and write some more; at least those activities were totally for free and kept me from thinking about misery.
The positive note in this was that I got another novel ready and just one month ago, I found another job, so the first thing I thought about was to invest some of the money earned in the preparation of the new novel.
A sneak peek you say?
Well of course, but can you wait until the next Saturday? I know you can, may the force be with you!!
Stay strong,
Stay positive,
but most of all
Stay tuned!!!

Have a great weekend you all, wherever you are!!!

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  1. This was a great post. I agree that our toughest times have the most to teach us. We learn about strength, perseverance, love, loyalty, and did I mention strength? Tough times have allowed me not only to learn more about myself, but also to understand why certain people have crossed my path and to think deeply about what it means to love and let go.


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