Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wandering and writing, there is more to know... The Wandering Writers has something...

Yes, indeed there is more to tell about my journey from the one I was to the actual status of Wandering Writer. Last week I left when I reached my very first destination that changed my life. A sort of turning point that brought me to see things in a different perspective.
I was at that time studying in Germany, in Tübingen to be precise and besides the first time's confusion about the new place and lifestyle, I also started to look around, and it was then that I thought I could fall in love.
How to describe Tübingen? Lost in the past? Vibrant and exciting? Quiet and relaxed? Trendy and traditional at the same time.
Well, you cannot really describe Tübingen with just one adjective, there are too many faces in that little University town that need to be discovered with calm.
Every season has something great to offer, but let's start with the first thing you will notice as you walk the streets, and that is the wonderful traditional medieval architecture with half-timbered houses. Unfortunately, at the time I was there digital cameras were too expensive, therefore I have to put here pictures which I don't own.
and characteristic small streets. You do not need to have a car to visit it, as the city is perfectly designed for bikers and pedestrian. It would be a shame to get in the car seeing everything from the window without the chance to stop by at every lovely corner you want to admire. The most popular place is the market place, where you can admire the finest architecture of the Town Hall.

Of course, you cannot avoid the parks and the most enchanting sight of the city, the Neckar Island, which is a natural island formed by the division of the river Neckar into two streams. There, is a great place to admire nature and relax, in the shade of trees some of which are 200 years old.

As I was there discovering the city, I started to get curious about also the other parts of Germany, and among the students, the most popular destination was Reutlingen, a very small town where they can make better bargains on clothing and accessories.
Of course from there the thirst of discovering more and more, started to grow and I realized that there are numberless places that deserve to be visited. München, during the Oktoberfest, where most of the country and a lot of tourists from all over the world are going to enjoy that carnival of light, music, and beer.
Stuttgart and the black forest, Cologne, Berlin, Heidelberg... and there I could make a long list.
However, if you need an "AWW" time to go and visit Germany, that is during the Christmas Market. It doesn't matter which city you will choose to visit, as each of them is arranging those amazing events.
Then the cities transform themselves literally in a festival of lights, colors, music, and fragrances.
It is indeed something strange to notice how the Christmas tradition is more developed here in Germany rather than in any other cities around the world. Even here in Finland, if you want to have a great taste of Christmas you will have to travel to Rovaniemi, in Lapland, as even Helsinki, is a bit lacking on celebrations if we compare it with the richness of the Christmas Markets in Germany.
Of course, with the time, I started to be more curious about what was surrounding Germany, and since traveling by train can bring you easily everywhere, I started to take my chances to see around.
At that time, I was more interested in experiencing visually the  places I was visiting and not really on writing my feelings in a blog like I'm doing right now. So we can just say that at that time I started to be just a Wanderer.
With my student ticket, I could reach Strasbourg, in France, because it was just one stop with the train from the German border, and at least at those times, the student ticket allowed this small stretch in the neighboring countries.
Strasbourg resembles very much Tübingen or any other German town, where you can see that lovely medieval architecture with half-timbered houses, particularly in the "Petite France." The only difference is the language, they do not speak German, and you get the best cafe au lait, I've ever tasted.

Of course, as an inexperienced traveler, I had my bad adventures with the flight, when I was coming back home for the holidays, and those deserve an own chapter.
For this reason, I give you appointment to next week, with a chapter about what could possibly go wrong.
Don't miss it! It will be fun!
Have a lovely Weekend!!!

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