Thanks for coming in, let me introduce myself properly so that we can get to know each other.

My name is Paula, and I write novels. I live with my husband and rabbit. I work as an engineering geologist at a construction firm in Finland, and only in my spare time, I do write novels.

So far, I have kept my stories for myself, and writing has been a sort of therapy, something to cope with the everyday stress. You know, waking up every day at the same time, breakfast, feeding the bunny, get dressed and go to work for eight hours God, I needed an escape!

I have always been an incurable dreamer, but my dreams didnt necessarily involve me doing something different, those included living different lives and imagining different identities. At a certain point, I decided to bring those imaginary worlds to life, by writing them in the paper (ok, on a computer screen, saved to the hard drive).

Then, one day, I talked to a friend of mine about my new hobby, and she insisted on reading one of my novels; she was impressed and encouraged me to publish it. I generally do not get impressed when a family member or friend flatter me, it can easily be that their judgment is biased by the affection. Nevertheless, the idea started to twirl in my mind, so I decided to try and see what the general public had to say about my stories.

I get my inspiration mostly from my travels around the world, where I have the chance to meet very different people, cultures, and sceneries that inspire my imagination. This is the reason why I coupled my passion for writing with my passion for traveling, and thats why I figured out the Wandering Writer. In this blog, besides marketing my literary production, I share my experiences around the world, hoping you will find them interesting, and you will also like my novels.
Whatever question you might have, dont hesitate and contact me.

Until then,

I wish you a lovely day!


  1. Hello Paula, I enjoy reading about writers in other countries, part of the fun of the internet.

    1. Hello there to you, Janet!
      The great part of internet is the possibility to connect with people all around the world. Thank you for stopping by to comment on my blog!


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