Saturday, March 2, 2019

About plagiarism

This is going to be a short blog today, but it's going to be a very important one.
Recently there has been a lot of talking on the social media about books of indie authors which have been plagiarized.
It came to my mind when at the school, there was a "surprise test" in maths. The nightmare of all the students, except those who loved maths to bits and were spending all their free time studying.

No, that was not me.

I would have been one of the many dudes who had a life outside the walls of the school and didn't study in not for the planned tests. At that time, we would have begged and bribed the good students to pass the answers.
Nevertheless, even if we were copying the work of somebody else, we had at least their blessing to do so, and they got their reward, which would have been helping in other subjects where we were stronger. It was cooperation, rather than plagiarism.
Plagiarize the hard work of someone else is not just unethical, it's brutal. You are stealing the hard work of someone else, who might even struggle with the sales of their books, who has to count every single cent in the daily budget to fit in also the marketing costs and production costs of their books.
It is just like shooting at the red cross.
Although my work belongs to a niche and it hasn't been plagiarized, I feel the anger and frustration of those people who found their hard work inserted in another book and attributed to someone else.

Honestly, I would be furious.
It doesn't matter whether an author enjoys writing and finds it entertaining, it is still someone else's work, and nobody has the right to steal it, or copy it, not at least without the consent of the writer, who will share the profits and will be mentioned as a contributor.
I have no idea whether readers were aware of this literary patchwork, and I am still wondering how this can be made.
Honestly, it takes more time to fit things together that to write something that comes from your heart, and what is the joy that brings to an author knowing that nothing of what is there is the product of their creativity.

You know you stole something, you know you are a cheat, and yet it baffles me how you can look at the image in the mirror and avoid spitting on your image

With all the bitterness in my heart, I renew my full support to those who have been victims of those cheaters.
I wish you all a great weekend!

P.S. Finally here the sun is shining!


  1. Your indignation is well-placed because I feel the same way. Writing is such a tedious and intricate endeavor emanating from the heart, soul, and mind of a "true" writer. Plagiarism boils down to stealing an author's identity.

  2. I agree with you and Eva, Plagiarism is stealing. Even with a copyright, unless an author or artist has buckets of cash for an attorney, there is little recourse.


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