Saturday, January 19, 2019

Finnish winter never cease to entice me...

It’s a magical world out there… but it’s also freezing LOL 

Finland like all the subpolar region’s countries can enjoy a long winter and a decent amount of snow. However, Scandinavian countries, although lie on the same latitudes as Alaska and Canada are blessed by the gulf stream, which allows them to enjoy warmer summer even at the northernmost part of it and milder winters than their American counterparts. 

Last summer it was an extraordinary warm summer and we could reach the 35C all over the country, but we feared that this was the start of a snowless series of winters. 

Something we didn’t for sure take into account is the unpredictability of Finnish weather, and as much we had an extraordinary warm summer, we are experiencing an extraordinary snowy winter. One of those winters I couldn’t remember since a long time. 

This is something we all can be glad about, particularly for the practical side of it, which is gaining extra light in an environment that would otherwise be extremely dark, due to the lack of sunlight. 

Nevertheless, there is also another side that makes me glad it is winter, and it is the magical sceneries I can live in every day, and since I am walking my way to work, this is something I wanted to share with you too. 

Therefore, here to you a few pictures of the magic of snow (a bit so to say as there is almost half a meter of snow out there!)  

Some people just simply give up and decide to take the car as soon as the snow melts, and I can totally understand, I wouldn't like to dig my car out of the snow every day. I do almost never use the car we have in the family, if not in extreme cases during the whole year.
This is a glimpse of my backyard. I generally leave something to eat for the birds outside, but recently every time I placed a bowl full of seeds or breadcrumbs, it started to snow quite heavily and the morning after everything was under the snow cover. I guess birds do not have an easy life out there, but they do not seem to be in trouble, particularly because many people leave food for them outside during the periods when the natural resources start to be scarce for them. 

This blog has been mostly dedicated to those enchanting pictures and I hope you enjoy the sceneries I have picked for this weekly post. 

With those pictures, I give you appointment to next week, wishing you a great weekend to you all! 

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