Saturday, September 30, 2017

Please, mind the gap... In London with the Wandering Writer

In London, there are many parks and green spaces…” So, it stated one of the readings in my first English language books, back in those days. And indeed, there are many and each of them is extremely well kept and gives a good reason to sit down, admire the birds, squirrels and think about the meaning of life in that oasis of pure calm and peace.
At that time, when I was at the school, I was too young to even think about traveling around the world, but certainly, London was one of those cities, which somehow attracted me in a particular way.
And it did so much that I go there every now and then attracted by the beauty of the city and its parks, inspired by the gentle and sweet topography of its land, the history, and the incredible blend of old and new.

Whatever your reason to travel to London, you will find yourself delighted as you walk through its streets and relax in one of its many parks. I have many times wandered around without any quarter admiring the traditional architecture that made me fall in love with Britain.
Something that made my visits quite unusual from all the holiday trips is that I prefer to travel there alone. The reason is that I feel like walking the streets in London gives me the time to get inspired for my novels. I feel like I can be fully immersed in my thoughts without any disturbance, as I walk the streets, observe people walking by and admire the architecture.
I know, you might say that this is possible wherever, but London well, London is different, and it is something that I can not really explain in words. It is almost like going for a walk in the woods, where I generally go by myself. The only time when I was there with m husband was when we went to see the concert of the german band, Rammstein at the O2 arena. I remember that the band was also going to perform in Helsinki, my hometown, but the tickets were all sold out. The few available were those at the black market, which would have cost a fortune. With the same price, we could get buy the tickets for the concert in London, the flight tickets and the hotel. Guess what did we do? 
Dont miss the most popular destination there, as nothing in London is just obvious; not the Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace and so on. Each of them deserves a good picture to remind you of something that will continue to inspire you for the times to come.

Of course, do you think I can forget to tell about Stonehenge? Certainly not. You cannot miss visiting one of the most mystic places on Earth.  Nobody knows the exact time when this complex was built, perhaps from 3000 BC to 2000 BC, and the way it was constructed, remains a mystery, particularly if we think that experts believe that the stones are not original of the building place. Therefore, the main question that comes to my mind is: how did they transport those monoliths and how did they build the complex?

One thing is for sure, you will remain speechless at the view with such an impressive complex. My mind started to race with all the stories and myths that I heard about it, and those I could make up in my mind.
I am sure I will go to visit many more times London, but also next time, I will start to move around and check other great cities I am sure I will fall in love with.
And of course, every time I will go there, I will have to MIND THE GAP!

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  1. London so far has been my favorite city to visit. I agree it's hard to put into words what it is that makes it so appealing. On our visit to England, we stayed in London and used it as our hub to span out to Bath, Oxford and of course Stonehenge. We will be returning again.


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