Saturday, September 16, 2017

Change of hat once again for the Wandering Writer

Indeed it has to come that day when just like Dr. Jekyll transforms into Mr. Hyde and vice versa, the Wandering Writer, changes the hat and becomes the Marketer Writer. Nevertheless, also this definition for what concerns the topic of the day, is not fully appropriate.
In fact, what I am going to tell you is something that happened recently in my life and gave a new spark of hope for my literary career.

I am talking about reaching the third place in the SIBA Summer Indie Book Award for the best thriller. I remember how I felt surprised to find out that someone has nominated my book for this award, of which I had no idea.
From that point to have a message in my email about reaching the third place and having my book status changing from a novel to an award-winning novel was something I could not even conceive in my mind. It is not the fact that it might increase the sales, but the confirmation that there were people who believed in my work, and particularly believed in me.
At the beginning of this adventure, even before the publication of my novel, I remember having read an article where an experienced author gave advice to the newbies. One of those was Winning an award.
You can imagine how this does sound to a person who, without any experience as a writer, is going to publish his/her first novel. Yeah, it sounds like Right, like it was so easy to win an award!
Perhaps she didnt use the right words, but in the end, if you have done your homework in building your readership, growing your connections and you are present in the social media, someone might nominate your work for an award.
As I said, I already felt a winner, I got people believing in me, and to those, I will never stop to be extremely grateful, and I received a lovely badge to put on my book and marketing material.

Already with that badge on my book, I felt like the luckiest person in the world. It meant really a lot to me, as I started this adventure without any expectation, maybe even regretting, time by time the fact of having published it.
I got back to that article, and I thought that perhaps that was what she meant, not the fact of winning an award itself, but being able to grow a readership who will believe in you. Being able to be credible with the tales you write. Having the capability to put on paper, the world that is twirling in your head, and giving voice to your imaginary friends.
My mind went back to the times when my elementary teacher reproached me for having my head in the clouds. Well, perhaps it was not such a bad idea to be lost in my fantasy world, and probably it wasnt a wasted time to have my head in the clouds. It all depends on where you want to go.
Even as a geologist, my day-job, you need a sort of creativity far from the numerical world of the engineers or mathematicians. With all the probabilities, this was what I was destined to; who knows?
Something for sure is that I cannot stop thinking and thank in my head all the people who voted for me, whose names, I dont even know. Those are the people who have my eternal gratitude, and to you all:

Of course, I have to thank my family for the support they showed to me and the constant encouragement they gave me, pushing me forward and never to give up.
Last, but not least, a great thank you goes to my muse, Carolina, my beloved evil rabbit, that two-year-old dominant female, who is not intentioned to give up her throne without a good fight.
To you all, a great thank you for the attention. I hope I wasn't boring, and I promise to get back to my travel and writing for the next week. Until then, have a great weekend and Stay Tuned!!!

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