Saturday, September 2, 2017

September thoughts, from the Wandering Writer

This time, the Wandering Writer, instead of bringing you to an unknown destination, is going to bring you into the full warmth sensations of the incoming season.
Fall is for many people a magical period. It is the time when the nature prepares for the long sleep of the winter, giving the time to those who stop for a while to behold that change, to reconsider and prepare themselves.
As humans and part of the animal kingdom, we do not make any exception, even when your supervisor at work wouldn't agree with the change in the lifestyle and rhythms.
However, whether we're going to embrace this change or not, our metabolism will make this decision for us.
As this won't be enough, the surrounding environment is making this transition easier. With the crispness of the air, the shortening of the days and that gorgeous warm colors that natures offers us, unavoidably we stop thinking, or we just lose ourselves in admiration.

As for me, fall brings me back all the childhood memories.
It has the smell of the roasted chestnuts in the kitchen of my grandmother, with the iron cast wood stove. That big stove with its white enamel slowly fading away; the one she used to cook for the whole family on Sunday.
The one she warned us, so many times not to go too close and never touch it when the fire is burning.
It has the taste of the wood chopped and stored for the winter, and the cackles of us, the kids, while we helped to store the wood.
It has the distinct feeling of the crisp air in the morning, when your breath starts to condense, and we were already thinking, with a mix of melancholy and excitement about the starting of the school.
It brings to my memory the gleaming air, reflecting the colors of the leaves; that air that has sometimes even that peculiar rosy shade in the late afternoon, just before the sunset. That particular light that shyly appears to announce a burning sunset.
Fall is that particular moment of the year where the most nostalgic memories come to my mind, not to haunt or to bring discomfort. They rather come to soothe, gently whispering with the wind that everything will be fine, and even if soon all the branches of the trees will look like the crooked fingers of an evil witch, life will still flow to be reborn in the next Spring.
It is a time when I truly enjoy observing nature and think about my life; what have I done, and what I will do from now on. Every Fall is, somehow, a preparation for a new beginning.
And with those positive thoughts, I leave you once again with a couple of pictures, hoping you will enjoy. Next time you get out of your house, just stop by to admire those marvels nature offers us for free.
Have a great weekend and stay tuned!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I am really pleased you liked my pictures. I have been reading your profile and I've discovered that we both come from an artistic background in Italy... The world is indeed small!!

  2. Lovely photos. Can't believe it's September already. Soon enough the leaves will fall off and it'll be winter.
    When I was younger, my favorite season was summer (duh). Now it's spring.

  3. Hello Lidy. I am sorry to reply to your kind comment just now. Since I've started the new job, it seems that everything is slipping from my hands. I do agree that for children the best season is the summer, when there is no school and everything tastes like a new adventure. It is funny how our perception, then changes with the age. Thank you for stopping by to my blog!


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