Saturday, October 7, 2017

Time is running faster, but The Wandering Writer has a plan!!!

This time I let myself indulging into some considerations that go a bit out of the general wandering around the world. OK, everything in my life revolves around two main things, traveling and writing.
Until here everything seems to be fine, but what to do when the duties start to accumulate and time is not enough?
I mean, seriously, after I passed the 40's my clock started to run faster, so either I am getting slower, the world start to spin faster than it used to be, or I am getting busier.
To be honest, I don't know, but let's exclude that our planet spins faster. Can it be that after a certain age we start to get slower? Or could it be that I am getting busier?
Like this wouldn't be enough, my day job is taking me where I never expected nor I wanted to be. I am overworking (only yesterday I had to stay in the office for over 11 hours), and as a result, I cant find an equilibrium between work, writing, traveling, and photography. 
It seems to me that one day ago it was springtime, and with a big explosion of colors. Even if the temperatures resembled those of the past November, Spring didnt give up, and with dogged determination, she put out the best of herself.
 And also the birds were quite wondering about it, but tried their best to cope with that unexpected situation, just like all of us.
Without even realizing the transition, even because this has been the coldest year I can recall after a few hours arrived the Summer. She was not as brave as Spring, and when she peeked from the corner, she realized it was quite cold, so instead of getting out to warm the days, she preferred to get her coat and go for a walk every now and then.

It didnt take more than a few hours, and we are back to the end of the fall and beginning of winter.
In the meanwhile, I am planning the following trip. Since I have been writing the blog about St. Petersburg, my mind started to race with the possibility to visit Russia one more time. However, this time there will be once again, the adventure twist.

Russia is a very interesting country, very big and with a long history; a real melting pot of cultural heritages. Saying that I visited it just because I went to St. Petersburg is not enough, and reading facts from the history books or from the newspapers gives you only one version of the facts, the version of those who won the conflicts. Moscow will be our destination for what concerns the understanding of another puzzle in the Russian history, but our real target will be Chechnya.
Yep, right there in Grozny. I have been reading the book A Dirty War: A Russian Reporter in Chechnya, by Anna Politkovskaya and, time allowing, I am going to read The Angel of Grozny: Orphans of a Forgotten War, by Åsne Seierstad. Nevertheless, there is a more faithful truth to be discovered, and that is by the direct words of the people who lived the conflict. One of my friends wondered how in this world am I going to talk to those people when I do not speak any Russian. However, something that I have learned during my travels is that, no matter where you are traveling to. Regardless the official language, you can always find someone who can speak English and is ready to share with you his/her experience.
We wanted already to go to Grozny once we traveled to Georgia, but the trip would have been very difficult, particularly crossing the border, so we decided that there would have been another time to visit Chechnya, and this is the time.
So the countdown is set for 10 weeks from now, and after that, I will tell you all about that trip and about what we found out.
In the meanwhile, I will continue right from the next week to tell you about another destination and my experience about it.
Have a fantastic weekend!!
Yours truly,
The Wandering Writer 


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