Saturday, May 23, 2020

I had to take a holiday

Sometimes it happens that we realize we need a small break from everything to focus on other matters.
That's what happened last week when I skipped blogging.
Today, I bring you some news about the next release.
I'm not yet ready to publish it, and this time, I'm thinking to put it in pre-order.
This will help me gather more reviews, and give time to beta readers to return their feedback.
Here are some details about my work in progress (WIP), starting with the title:
The man from the mist.

It will be a crime/psychological thriller about a man who lives his life in almost complete anonymity. Ignored by everyone either at work and on the flat house where he lives, he lives his life following a comfortable routine.

Everything will change when a girl moves in the apartment next door, and a series of murders perpetrated by a mysterious 'avenger' shake the local criminal community.

I came up with this idea starting from the consideration that a killer is usually the least suspected person. But then when the least suspected person is innocent, despite being on the top of the suspect list, his life can turn upside-down.

So what you can expect from this new story?
First of all, my highly introspective characters, fast-paced suspense, and once again a glimpse of the life of people living in poor areas of the city. You will find action, love, and a lot of twists to keep you guessing until the end.

Next week I will be ready to reveal my new cover. This time, it was easier to create it, then respect the previous one, as I had already a clear idea of what I was looking for.

On a personal note, since the weather is getting be warm and pleasant, I started the planting season in the greenhouse. Therefore, I have more tomato plants, cucumber, herbs, beans, and peas.
During the winter, I cultivated indoor kale, tomatoes, and chilies. They did great, so I will expand my winter garden also to more diverse greens, who knows?

It also arrived the time to take care of the garden, take care of the flowers, and planning an upgrade of the outer fence.
This lockdown has its advantages, for those who look for them.

For this week, it's all,

Have a great weekend!

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