Saturday, May 30, 2020

As we are reaching the half of the year

Well, what do you know? We are almost in the middle of this year. Five months have passed by, and honestly, I don't know when it happened. What I do know is that, just a few days ago, I was wondering what the new year would bring, dreaming about my summer holidays.
That was before the lockdown before, slowly, we saw airline companies canceling all the scheduled flights and sending refunds for the booked holidays.
After five months, we've seen a radical change in lifestyle as the whole world tried to adapt to a new normal. Although we know this is going to pass, we don't know how long it will take. 
This uncertainty brought us to rethink the whole structure of our society, not just the small one that directly affects us, city, or country wise, but globally.
We also experienced something incredible: the recovery of the natural balance of our planet. With the restrictions imposed on production and transportation, people began to understand the difference between need and desire.
Perhaps we reconsidered what is right to desire and strive to achieve, and what instead is better to leave aside. The pandemic reached where all the warnings from scientists failed.
The question now is: will it last?
Will humanity remember these considerations, once the emergency is over, or will they thoughtlessly continue following the false god of greed?
Posterity will tell.
What we can do, instead, is try not to forget this important lesson, and respect our planet also when we're not forced to do so. We can write a reminder for the better times of how the skies looked prettier once the smog cloud dissolved. We could write a note of the beauty of clean waters in our rivers, lakes, and seas. 
If we need to give up something, maybe it's going to be for the best, and it doesn't mean restricting our freedom, rather ensuring every single creature on this planet with the same rights.
There's a vital rule we need to remember before yelling that we're been stripped of our rights, and that is: your freedom stops where your neighbor's freedom starts. This doesn't include only fellow humans, but every single living creature.
With this consideration, I greet you until the next time.

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