Saturday, May 9, 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining

These are difficult times for everybody. For some of us are even tougher as many lost their job, had to close their business or worse of all, lost dear ones.
Nevertheless, this post isn't focused on the harms, this pandemic has brought.
Today, I want to bring a glimpse of positivity, a chance to look to the future with hope.

COVID-19 didn't bring only negativity to the people on this planet, it also gave the chance to stop for a moment and think.
Well, this is something that doesn't happen often, does it?
When was the last time we had so much time at our availability to take a good look around us and think?
Now we have it, and we can reconsider what is around us, and try to fix what we see wrong.
On a personal level, we can analyze whether there has been something we left aside because we didn't have time.

We can reconnect with those people we lost on the way, we can declutter our life from those habits that stopped us, instead of helping to go on.
No better time than this to get rid of things we thought we need but were the result of a silly momentary desire.
There are so many things we can reconsider, and if not now, when?
This is the perfect time to make a good cleaning not just of things, but of relationships, habits.
It's a perfect moment for renewal.
When this state of emergency will be over, what changes do we want to bring with us? What kind of improvement in our lives and to our society we want to bring? Let's figure it out and act.
There won't be a better chance to improve what we think has gone wrong and finally make them right.
As for me, ion these few weeks, I literally emptied my house of those things I've simply accumulated. I donated most of those I don't need and reconnected with people I haven't heard for ages.
Today, being a glorious sunny day will be the time to fix the garden and prepare it for the summer.

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