Saturday, June 1, 2019

Some flight experiences

Last time I have written about a new way I am approaching my photography hobby; that is by the use of a drone.

Now we all understand that this is something that also kids can use and that there is no need to stress about, and my first thought was: “if a kid can do it, so can I.”
That is nevertheless a slight understatement as nowadays kids are more used to technology than people of my generation are, so there was a little, if not a lot of confusion.
The main problem was that the manual didn’t include much on how to operate a drone and there were just explained the main command briefly, but to understand what did they really mean and how to use them, it was up to the old ‘trial and error.’
So first flight, I decided to operate it indoors, as I have plenty of space, I needed to have some confidence about how the drone reacts to the different commands and how to master it before bringing it outside.
So, the first it was a series of crashes against everything possible, Carolina included who added to the list of what she hates, also that infernal flying machine.

After those crashes, I finally figured out how should I use the throttle to increase the height more gently and have it at a steady height.
The second achievement was to be able to move it around, and also that needed, of course, some calibrating crashes against walls, furniture, and flowers.
Everything endured perfectly the destructive fury, particularly the drone itself, which seems to have nine(hundred) lives, and all the will to make me become a pro.
The good part is that it is a big load of fun, I can understand the reason why kids like them, they are really cool devices.
After having been able to control the movements of the drone indoor without making any sort of damage, making it fly flawlessly from room to room, I decided it was the time for bringing it where actually it belongs; outdoors.
So having chosen a perfectly sunny and windless day, a perfect clearance on the woods, we left for the adventure.
In the beginning, everything went fine, and the drone amazingly reacted to the commands. I was having a lot of fun when suddenly it started to head towards the trees. It was totally impossible to stop it as it decided to go exploring the world without me.
It got stuck on the branches of a tree. Now I know you think that perhaps this was the end of the flying experience, and you could never be more wrong about it. My husband and I didn’t want to give up, so after a few trials, we decided to retire and plan a solution.
At 7:50 in the evening, we came to the perfect plan. We would have attached a stone to a light rope throw it to fly over the branch, and once the stone has reached the other side, we would have both started to shake the branch to allow the drone to fall down.
Something we need to remember about Finland is the fact that the swamp areas in the woods are kept for their biological and environmental importance. Nevertheless, this means that wherever you are, as the sun starts to set, the mosquitoes are on the hunt.
Try now to imagine a couple of adults shaking a tree branch to allow a drone to fall down and, at the same time, try not to be eaten alive by mosquitoes.
It was a nightmare, BUT… We made it, and the drone is now safe and sound at home, and guess what? It is working still like a charm regardless of the crashes.
Now soon enough I will also start to make some pictures and post them… I am still so excited!

Have a great weekend!


  1. It certainly would seem that a drone has more than the 9 lives of a cat!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.


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