Saturday, June 22, 2019

A Writer's block (writers and bloggers)

Have you ever been in front of your blank page planning to do some serious writing to share with the world but then…
Nothing comes to your mind. That page you are staring at remains white, time is passing by, and nothing is happening. Actually the more you stare at the page, the more the blankness seems to spread from the page to your mind.
This is how it started this morning when, diligently I sat down at my desk, with the full intention of writing my weekly blog.
I thought that this is the problem that many writers or bloggers find themselves in a few times in their lives. You feel like you had many ideas, but they all disappear as soon as you sit down in front of the screen.
But is it just the fault of the screen? Would it work better if we would sit down in front of a screen that already has something written on? Would you then, get some extra inspiration about what to write to entertain your audience?
Is the daunting Writer’s Block something that has to do with the fear of dealing with the emptiness of the page or is it just a way your brain conforms with the blank page?
I do not have all the answers to this questions, but at least in my case, as soon as I started to write about having my ideas failing me, as I sat in front of my computer things started to change.
It was like the words found their way from my head to my fingers and to the keyboard, finally. Once I got the flow, I just kept the pace.
The writer’s block is something that each of us experiences in a different way, just like everything else in life, and there isn’t a solution that works for everyone. Some of us need just some rest and think about something else, in order to have their ideas flowing like a river. Other needs to read to get their rhythm back, and so on, I could cite all sort of remedies I have heard about how to fight the writer’s block.
For me, there are two ways, one is just to take a walk in the forest, the other is just starting to type even nonsense on the keyboard. Once I get the writing flow, the right inspiration will arrive, and the writing will be once again restored.
I admit one thing, sometimes it takes writing a lot of nonsense before starting to get things on the right path, but at least I have a good laugh when I am at the purging stage.
Have you ever experienced writer’s block?
How did you overcome it? I guess it would be interesting to list all the ways people have tried and see what it worked and what didn’t work.
I am sure we will find quite an impressive list of solutions and, perhaps we can find new creative ways to fight it next time we will find ourselves stuck in front of the blank screen.
So for this time is all, and as usual, I wish you all a great weekend!


  1. Usually, when I have writer's block, what I've really got is a story problem I haven't solved yet so I can move on. Often, I can write *something* just maybe not what I intended, so I write some character vignettes or side explorations that might help me solve my writing puzzle.

    When it's my blog and I'm feeling stuck for a topic, I just google "blog topics for authors" and read ideas off of lists until something strikes me. It hasn't failed me yet! @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    1. I also do the same when it concerns blog topics. Searching on the web for ideas has been the best solution so far :-)

  2. I fret not being able to come up with a weekly blog topic. Invariably, something comes to mind if I stick with my own human condition.

    1. Sometimes it happens that I just sit there for the first half an hour, trying to find some sort of inspiration. Sometimes blogging feels more difficult than telling a story.

  3. Hi and thanks for the writing to this topic which we all share experiences of :-)
    On our blog, we write about our personal experiences in terms of our relationship, and what is happening at the moment with us that we can find a value and meaning in that others would benefit from. We have ritualized this weekly writing which really helps. We go out to breakfast early in the morning and discuss the topic till we find it (or it finds us). Then we go back to the house and add a bit of the form and major areas of the topic. We then separate and Phil writes by hand and i write on the computer. We come back and read each others and see if they can be blended, merged, or if we will do two different voices to the same topic.
    We both do the Artist's Way morning pages (3 pages stream of consciousness) every day and that really helps as it loosens the mind and the pen as it were. I find this a great way to handle blocking in general, no matter what type of writing. Once you start just streaming whatever comes with no filter and no critic and if you have nothing you just write "I can't think of anything" over and over until you find you are writing something else. It's almost magical how quickly this gets the pen moving again.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I do enjoy reading your blog posts and I find them very interesting. It is indeed great to share with your partner such a big part of life. The writing process is indeed something incredible and I have found myself starting with one idea to end up with omething totally different from the original.


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