Saturday, May 25, 2019

After the break of the Blog-Hop

Good Morning everybody.

The Blog-hop gave me the chance to take a short break, from this blog, and the reason why I didn't post anything during this two weeks, was to make sure that whoever participated to the competition could find the blog right away without going to search through the directory.
Now that the blog-hop has concluded I would like once again to thank all those who participated and joined the fun.
I really hope you also found some great read between those offered.

So what’s new here? Well, as a wandering writer, I can feel now the time for the big trip to Africa arrive. This journey that will bring me to the core of the voodoo practices will not just be inspiring for the topic I can show you on this blog, but also for a novel idea I had in my mind.
The genre will be a paranormal thriller and will bring you in the heart of black Africa searching for its mysteries and cults.
As a traveler, this is going to be an incredible chance to return to places I love and to meet new people, discovering new places and cultures to enrich myself, so the countdown is now set for about a couple of months.
One thing I have started to get excited about is aerial photography, and for this purpose, I have got myself a drone.
Now, I have never ever had a drone in my hand, and I had no idea about what to expect or whether it would have been easy to learn using it or not. For this reason, I decided to start with something that would have been cost-effective, suitable for a beginner but enough developed to get started with aerial photography.
The first thing I had to do was orienting myself in the jungle of the offers and see what actually would have been the best budget drone. Millions were the offers ranging from a few bucks to thousands of bucks. Now, as a first experience, I kept my budget low, but I wanted to have something that could fly for longer than just five minutes. I also wanted it to have a decent camera.
With these requests, it started to be obvious that I had to invest a minimum something like 300 $, which was already out of my “beginner’s budget.”
Like I always say, never stow at the first offers, search and get as many information as possible, particularly when you are approaching something new. The best is always giving yourself the time to study and gather as many information as possible, so to be able to get better oriented on your choices and the offers.
That said, after a few months of search, I have finally found something that could suit my needs. The drone costs 52 $ has a 21 minutes flight time, voice control, HD camera. Practically something I could definitely start with and eventually also fall in love.
Here is the little fellow:
Let’s say that the first approach with it was a bit dramatic but the drone is revealing itself is resistant even to the clumsy user like me, and despite the initial crashes, it still works like a charm.
I would like to spend some more time about the adventures of a clumsy beginner drone operator, but it might require a longer blog. Therefore, to avoid getting you bored reading an endless blog, I will break this topic into, at least a couple of blogs, describing my first experience from zero to excitement.
Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! Mastering the drone will yield spectacular results from an aerial point of view. Your upcoming paranormal thriller idea sounds intriguing.

  2. Tried to comment on your 'Flight Experiences' post but it wouldn't publish. Hope this does! Using a drone for photography certainly sounds fun.


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