Saturday, December 29, 2018

Last post of the year!

One year has already gone if we do not take into account the three days left to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019.

For almost each of us, this is the time when we look back at what we have done during this year, where we have succeeded and where we have instead failed. Also, it is a time to understand where we want to go from here. Are there some goals we want to set? Are there some errors we need absolutely to remember not to repeat?
What are the lessons this last year has taught us?
Sometimes it is important to recall day after day, and maybe, since my memory might be a little short, I think it would be wiser to make some written notes to self, on what I am not supposed to repeat.
Sure there have been lessons during the last year that I will remember for my whole life, but there are many others that I might forget with the time. So, if there is anything I will write down next year, this won't be any propositions, instead writing down all the success and achievement in order to repeat them again and again but also to write down all the mistakes and fails to avoid repeating them.
I am sure that at the end of the next year I will have an entire book filled with all the mistakes I will have to avoid in the future, but if this will be a way to really improve myself, then I guess I might give it a shot.

This year the Wandering Writer has been quite a lot on the road, although those wanderings were mostly work related and they brought nothing else but stress instead of the richness I am looking after every travel I make.
Unfortunately, I cannot say that next year things will go better as I cannot forecast how it will go, but at least for what concern my personal travels we have already a plan.
So be prepared to hear something more about West Africa, because we are going back to my favorite continent.

The Wandering Writer will bring you on a road trip from Nigeria to Ghana passing through Togo and Benin.
Be prepared for savoring the heart of African Voodoo tradition, which will also give me precious material for the new novel I started to conceive a couple of months ago. It will be a sort of paranormal thriller based on the voodoo rituals in Africa.
I plan to bring you more places around Italy and also insight about Portugal. It will be a year full of adventures.
The main adventure that I forecast is the acquisition of all the necessary visas, but for this, and for hints about the best way to get them, (if ever you might be interested in travelling to the same countries) you need to wait until next time, as we are just thinking about them.
So now the countdown has started and the excitement is at the stars. I wish you all a prosperous new year full of great news.
Stay Tuned!!

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