Saturday, December 1, 2018

Columbus, a city you couldn't guess

This is a funny story about my trip to Columbus, Ohio. I have told so far that I have been there for the Author Academy Awards, but today I would like to linger a bit on a city that deserves a special mention.
On my flight to Columbus I had a stopover in Chicago, and since I arrived at the International terminal, I needed to go through the passport control to reach the Domestic one.
This is what happened with the Border Officer:

Me: 'Morning!
Officer: Good morning, is Chicago your final destination?
Me: No, I am going to Columbus.
Officer: Ohio? (with a confused expression)
Me: Yes - brightly smiling -
Officer: Going for business?
Me: No, just leisure.
At this point, you should have seen his expression. It was like I said that I was going to visit some friends from Mars, who were going to have a party.
Officer: Do you have any friends there?
Me: No - and I started to enjoy his confused expression -
Officer: Why? I mean Why then going there?
Me: Oh, but if you haven't visited it yet, you need to! There is the German, Italian and Victorian villages that are a must see. Not to mention the old town. -At this point, I felt like a tour operator trying to sell a holiday package-
Officer: -His eyes got wide open- Really?

Sometimes we are so much caught into what are the most common holiday destination that we miss what we have just under our noses. Sometimes the least beaten path means discovering something genuinely amazing.
Now, besides this, I have something to show you that will surely put you in the Ohio mood,
Meanwhile, the downtown might not offer what you are looking for concerning excitement, you might walk (or take a ride, depending on your mood) to the south, and get the vibes of the German Village
To the north and decide to have a walk to the Victorian or Italian Village:
Or choose to go east and get to know the Old Town. Whatever your mood, you will find plenty of exciting spots, lovely cafeterias, beautiful parks to spend your days on holiday.

I think I fell in love...


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