Saturday, April 7, 2018

Now you have a target, what would you need next? Escaping the Rat race!

One final consideration for those who, like us are tired of running the rat race or spinning the hamster wheel.
Once you have a target and this target is the one you really want, you need to work out in that direction. The first part would be to find out the requirements to obtain a permanent resident visa, unless you are not already a citizen of that country and plan to return to enjoy your golden age.
For us, to move to Argentina, we have just a few requirements. One was to have a valid passport and the fact that we wont need a refugee status. The other is to have a minimum sort of permanent income to be able to live there without becoming a burden. The income can be the pension from your home country, the profit from investments, rental houses, work, and so on. The other requirement was not to have serious criminal records. In other words, you shouldnt be a threat to the society.
At this point, the most important thing is to work towards the slimming of the possessions. Whatever you do not need, is something you shouldnt bring with you. This is also a time when you start to consider whether you have been just accumulated things without even thinking whether you really needed them. It is a time to consider what you really need in your life and how to implement its quality eliminating everything that holds you back. Useless tools, clothes, furniture.
It might seem crazy, but people generally buy all sort of things without even thinking whether they really need them, and the result is having the house full of useless items, we never actually use. For your own sake, get rid of them. Start to sell away what you dont need and put that money into savings. Start already to live in a more frugal way. It is not a question of having restrictions in your life, it is just a question that just because you can afford it, not necessarily you have to buy it.
Personally, we are not wealthy, so we are making all sorts of efforts to make it happen, and this also includes the fact that I am not complaining about the crazy timetable I have at work nowadays.
I just keep the eyes on the reward
Start to develop a saving plan, so to have a decent amount of money that will be your start up to buy an apartment or a house without having any need for a mortgage. If the final destination is to have a simpler life, then start with having a debt less life.
Get rid of the credit cards, those are the worst thing that binds you to a certain place, but particularly to a certain credit institution. Personally, I never had a credit card, I bought things only when I actually had money for them (except the house... LOL).
Its not going to be easy, but we are in for the challenge.
Another thing you might think to start considering is how will you move your belonging to the new country.
1.       How far is it?
2.       What kind of moving services youll need?
3.       Which are the firms that provide this sort of service?
4.       What would be the price?
We are going to move to a different continent, so for us this part is crucial, but browsing the internet, we could find the right moving company that will do the job for a decent price.
The sweetest part is to start looking at the real estate webpages, just to have an idea of what we might get with our budget and where we might get it. That is, indeed, the part I love the most, but best have to come when we start the real search contacting the real estate agents
I have already the goose bumps and feel so excited. We started our countdown with 530 weeks to the time X. Now we are at 298 weeks we are almost half way, but the most hectic time will start when the countdown will be at 2 years from the departure.
Therefore, from the next week on, I will be back to my travels, bringing you some more destinations, whether on a warm climate or on a chilly one, we shall see
For now, have a nice weekend and remember to have fun!


  1. I look forward to journeying to your destinations "on paper"!

  2. Dreaming is another thing, making a dream come true is another. I do believe you are the last one of those


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