Saturday, April 21, 2018

"At night, a gentle knocking on my door..." (and some news)

The title might sound a bit creepy, and believe me, at least for me, it was more than scary.
As you know, I am working in a remote place in the  middle of nothing for the realization of a new building complex.
I have been thinking many times about what would happen if I need help during the night. The closest inhabited place is kilometers away, and I guess that the next police station is not closer that 20 kilometers away, so if something happens, I think I am on my own.
This thought didn’t bother me before a few nights ago.
It was 02:30 AM, and the silence was complete either inside my house and outside of it, when:

Knock… knock… knock…

A gentle knocking on my door woke me up.
It was the kind of knocking that you hear in the horror movie, when the maniac or the monster is trying to get on your nerves, before smashing the door down with an axe or a chainsaw.
I was frozen.
The only thing I was able to do is crawling to the kitchenette and grab the kitchen knife.
Of course I hadn’t slept for the rest of the night, paying attention to all the small noises coming from the house.
The alarm clock didn’t surprise me, but I was still wondering whether whoever was knocking on my door would have bee waiting for me until the morning after.
However, considering that the night was still quite cold in northern Finland, I considered still unfeasible, so I opened the blinds of the windows and checked outside.
There was nothing to be spotted, so I considered the threat over.
However, as I reached the kitchenette to have my morning  coffee…

Knock… knock… knock…

The maniac came back again…

At that point, I wanted to understand who it was, and grabbing all my courage, I went to look out…
Do you want to see who the maniac was? Here are some of his relatives:

Birds, who were looking for small pieces of woods from the frame of the veranda.
I could not keep my laughter, and I laughed at my sensitivity and to the ease with which I figured out the most scary option. Nevertheless, this also means that spring is finally coming, if the birds are gathering pieces of woods from fences and trees to make their nest, they cannot be wrong.
Starting of Spring doesn't only mean milder weather and birds, but also that I can spend more time in the outdoors fulfilling my second hobby, Photography! and nature. The best therapy for stress

I also have some more news to tell, which concern this blog.

Don't you worry! I will continue to wander and bring you some fantastic destinations in this blog, together with some news about releases.


What I wanted to say is that the blog will continue as usual, but the section "books" seems to be too hard to update in blogger. I have noticed that the page cannot host an endless list of books, so I decided that the section "Books" will contain a link to my new author website (I am going to set it up today, so you want to keep an eye to the updates also in this blog during the day).
Time by time, the wandering writer will change hat into the marketing writer, just as usual, whenever I have some news to tell about new launches of books and whenever, like in this case something interesting and funny happens in my life.
I would also appreciate if you would let me know whether you find the section of my photography interesting (even if not necessarily related to travels), and I will try to fit that also into the weekly blog.
Now, as usual, I wish you a great weekend and stay tuned for the next travel.

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