Saturday, April 14, 2018

Back to the wanderings, an old adventure in the land of clocks and chocolate...

Here we are again, with another adventure that came to my mind just yesterday. This is referring to a journey I did back in the days, when I was still a student in Germany and for the holidays I was coming back home to Italy.
The fact I am going to tell happened in a very interesting country named Switzerland.
At the time I was studying in Germany for my masters Degree and during the summer I was coming back home in Italy for the holidays. The first year, I decided to take the night bus from TΓΌbingen to Milan, and then the train. Since it was night, I cannot say that I could enjoy the scenery or to tell whether I liked to visit Switzerland more carefully or not, but what happened that night convinced me to visit it on my way back to Germany.
So, I was on the bus, it was already late evening and I started to fall asleep, when at the border the bus stopped, and the border police came inside for the passport control.
Without even thinking twice, I took my rucksack fetched my wallet, and with horror I realized that all the IDs, identity card, passport driving license remained on the table of my room at the campus.
The only ID I had was the University card, not much for an ID
The police reached me, and I tried to explain the situation, hoping he would have not brought me out of the bus and send me back to Germany where I could not even come back and get my documents. I needed to have them having mercy for me.
It passed minutes and then one hour later, they came back and asked me about my address back in Italy and in Germany, contact people, family members. Everything that was possible to be asked they did ask, and I replied sometimes feeling hopeless and hopeful.
They left once again, but after another half an hour they came back and said that I could continue the journey. You cannot imagine how did I feel, it was like a big stone fell from my heart.
Of course, the first thing I did when I came back home was to do another ID card, so to avoid repeating the incident. However, I did also something else, I changed the ticket back and decided to stay one week in Geneva. I wanted to visit Switzerland as I thought I needed to know more about it.
So, Geneva it was.
Like many other cities the best part lies in the old part of the town where you can still breathe its history, and be prepared with a good amount of cash, because the city is very expensive. You can definitely arrange yourself in one hostel and have a cheap accommodation, but the general cost of life is clearly higher than generally in Europe. Nevertheless, it is a sacrifice worth doing.
The best way to take a look at the city, is definitely by climbing the St. Peter Cathedral

This is a reformed protestant church built in 1160 but completed only a century after and went through many renewals and additions.
The main style is Romanesque and even if climbing the towers (I haven’t count the stairs) might be deterrent for those who are not really into fitness, I heartily suggest doing it, you will thank me later, when you are able to admire 360 degrees of Geneva city.
Don't miss the chance to have a walk to the old city and stop to one of the many cafeterias to enjoy something for which Switzerland is famous for: the chocolate.
In many variations possible, with so many assortments to tempt you in a warmth embrace, don't think about your diet for a moment and let the maitre chocolatier bring you into their world.
After all, you will have the whole day to walk around and burn those extra calories.
By all means, let this beautiful country entice you with its beauty, history, and delicacies, you will never forget. 
To be honest I am also planning to come back, even I am thinking to travel to other cities and discover something more about it.

I hope you enjoyed this small tour of the beautiful (and delicious) Geneva, and I wish you a great weekend, giving you appointment for next week!

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