Saturday, January 27, 2018

Another gem on the Mediterranean - Malta, the brave

Malta should also qualify for the tiny Countries I have described before, as the country has an area of only 316 km2 and a population under 450 000 inhabitants making it one of the worlds smallest country, yet most densely populated.
A bit of history is however needed to understand this little island. The first human settlement has been recorded already from 5200 BC, when the first settlers arrived from Sicily. Phoenicians arrived to the island around 800-700 BC, but in 216 BC Malta became a Roman municipium.
However, the most interesting part of their history is associated to the Great Siege, when the Ottoman empire tried to invade the island held by the Knights Hospitaller (which symbol was the nowadays known Maltese cross, which remained a very powerful symbol of the country).
The Ottoman Empire mobilized 40000 men against the poor Maltese army of just 6100 men plus 2900 civilian who helped to the fight.
The siege and the battle were recorded as brutal, to use a kind term for it and it last for over three months. Now you might think that three months is a relative short time, but considering the number of the casualties in both sides, three months might have felt like an eternity.
Now, lets come back to what is Malta today, that is a great place where to spend your holidays under the sun. First thing to be said, and a great deal of hint for you who aim to enjoy the treasures of that beautiful island is to get an accommodation in the towns around the capital, Valletta. The reason is that you will find better hotels, and the real life happens outside the capital. However, from towns like St. Julian or Sliema, you can reach Valletta within a few minutes of bus ride (only 1.5 Euros to reach every place in the island) or taking a nice walk of about twenty-thirty minutes.
The whole island offers a great deal of activities, from cultural ones to the discovery of local lifestyle and never to forget the natural beauties. The seafront is full of restaurants, bars and small parks to help people relax and enjoy good food and refreshing cocktails.
One thing that really will attract your attention, as it did with me, is the clarity of the sea water. It is like a liquid mirror between you and the bottom of the sea; really, something that really mesmerizes. Not to mention, of course, the perfection of the blue color of the sea.
Another beauty of the island are the magnificent grottoes that must be seen just to believe. I havent ever seen anything similar, it truly keeps your breath away, because this is not something humans have done. This is offered every day from this fantastic planet we are living on to us, and too many times we are too blind to even notice those beauties.
Believe me, if you have the chance, go to visit Malta; you will never regret.
And with this, I am going, as usual to wish you a great weekend and see you next week!!!
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