Saturday, February 3, 2018

Change of hat one more time for the Wandering Writer to the Announcing Writer

In this starting of the month, with the winter raging its last shots, there is very good news on sight.

Well, of course, as a writer, regardless whether I am wandering or not, I should also write something new, besides this blog and the first novel, which was published in 2016.
And it is not because of the lack of time, or ideas or anything else. On the contrary, I think I have been so far quite prolific with my writings, the problem is the luck. Yes, you got to be very lucky and be able to foresee who is the editor with which you can stick around and create a professional bond that lasts for the whole career.
I didnt have this kind of luck so far.
The first editor, for the first novel, had a lot of personal problems, (a divorce, moving to another city, and so on) and I truly sympathized with her because she was trying her best to meet the schedule, and I tried not to ask her about my novel too much. I felt it wasnt polite to remind her of my work when she had her own issues. Nevertheless, those problems reflected also on the quality of the edits, and about this, I have a great new coming in a few lines.
The second editor sequestered my manuscript last June, but she has had so many problems with her health, that, so far, I received only one part of it (and I do not feel like to be pushy because health is everything and I feel my publishing problems very small then respect her ones).
The third editor is perhaps the one I am going to stick with and here is the news:
First, my first novel has been revised, and all the hole left by the first editor have been implemented. Therefore, I am going to republish it, and it will be sparkling!
Second, I have also submitted a novella to her, and SURPRISE!!!
It is going to be released in a couple of weeks!
So, you are wondering, what about the new novella? What is it about?
The title for the new novella is Deadly Deception, and it is about a young man, Ethan.
He will find himself unwillingly connected in the complicated case of the murder of a young prostitute during one world tour he is engaging for medical reasons. Everything seems to lead to him as the only suspect, but he cannot remember a single thing about what happened the night of the murder. The only thing he can remember is that he had a chat with the girl, but the rest of the night is blank.
The case will turn out more complicated than a simple case of a crime of passion, and it will reveal its dark shades with an end that promises to leave you with bated breath.
The novel has a lot to do also with many of my travels and wanderings around the world, and if you have been following my blog, you will for sure find some of the places described here.
You will have the chance to see those places described with the eye of a curious wandered eagerly to understand more about the many cultures of the world, feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the different natural environments that represent the amazing planet we are living in.
I was thinking to put it in pre-order on Amazon, but since I am not a US citizen, or at least I do not hold a US bank account, I cannot do so. However, I will find a way to do so, and I will let you know through Facebook, ( ) Twitter ( )
What did you say? A preview of the cover? Well, why not? After all it will come out very very soon!
So, Here it is!
So, What do you think? Getting interested?

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