Saturday, January 13, 2018

New year's resolutions, have you made yours?

So, the party is over, the streets are back to their normal everyday look, the Christmas tree has been disposed and the decorations placed back in the storage. The champagne is over, and the banquet has been consumed.
What is left, now that the guests have left and the music is silent, is to clean all the mess and to make a few considerations about the new year that has just begun.
Therefore, as well for me it came the time to make some New Year's resolutions.
We all heard the same old story, haven’t we? “I will quit smoking…” “I will lose this amount of overweight…” “I will get a better job…” and many others.
Hold on, weren’t those the same we all made the last year?
Some say that even if you are not going to achieve anything of your resolutions, it is beneficial to your psyche as it adds a mark in your life. It is like you are putting yourself into a fresh new start benchmarking the end of the last year with the start of something new, and hopefully better.
I suppose this is the best part of making New Year’s, without any stress, though. It would be perhaps better to say that “I will do my best.”
Doing your best in everything in your life is already a great start, regardless the real achievement during the whole new year, it marks something that is more feasible.
Sometimes we forget that losing more weight, quitting smoking or whatever bad habit, traveling more, gathering more adventures and experiences, is not really totally up to us.
We might be unlucky and lose our job, so the traveling more becomes a dreaming more. We might face extra stressful periods, and our will becomes weak when our aim was to lose some weight or quit a habit.
However, putting everything in the perspective that we will try really our best in achieving something, maybe makes more sense because this is the part where we can really influence the 100%. Willing to put our best will also give us an extra gear when the times get rough, or when we think we reach the bottom, or when we feel like we are losing our hopes.
I would suggest, and this is exactly what I am doing myself, to put every resolution into this perspective. Therefore, these are my resolutions for the new year:
 1.      I will do my best in believing more in myself, recognizing potentials and accepting limits. I believe that understanding and accepting our personal limits is more helpful than trying to overcome them. They tell us which is the direction where it is worth spending our energies and where it is useless.
2.      I will do my best to write more, but I will not get stressed if things come in my way and I won’t be able to reach my goal fully.
3.      I will do my best to keep my job so I can travel more, experience more, write more and live more.
4.      I will do my best to try and listen to other people’s advice and suggestions.

Most of all, I will try and do my best all over the year, never let the external event to put me down, using weakness to grow my strengths, use bad times to build good times, and generally try and use the negativity so to turn it into positivity.

I do not mean to lecture anyone, but perhaps my point of view can be helpful even to you, who knows?
So we have other 50 weeks to just do our best, and our time starts… NOW!
 As usual I wish you a great weekend and a bright New Year!

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