Saturday, February 29, 2020

The countdown is on and so many things have happened.

I believe no writer in the world hasn't struggled, the period before the release of her novel.
I am one of those.
But particularly this novel's release is something that destiny seems to oppose quite strongly. Now, at two weeks to the release day, also Karma is looking more kindly upon me, and I can finally see the deadline approaching.
This has been for me a rollercoaster in many ways. The first reason is that I have been writing something different than my general genre. With this novel, a paranormal suspense, I wanted to bring to life something about my journeys in Africa. During the last trip I had through Benin and Togo, I have been visiting sites where voodoo is the third religion practiced. This inspired me to write something that goes beyond the general understanding.
Africa, together with India is one of the most diverse continents on Earth, culturally, ethnically, linguistically, and from the beliefs' point of view. Tribal religions are so different and complex that I needed to use a literary license to describe facts and customs. The paranormal/supernatural factor helped a lot in this quest, although research was something necessary, that couldn't be discarded.
The first obstacle I encountered was me.
My doubts gripped me, despite I was writing something that excited me. Writing a new genre was a leap into the unknown.
I feared, and I will fear for the rest of my life.
I've sent the manuscript to my editor, trembling as I waited for her comments, fearing a suggestion to start writing something different.
Yet, as she seemed to be engaged by the story, a big stone fell from my heart, and confidence returned to brighten my sky.
Then, the second obstacle: the cover art.
The creative process started with a mask and a map. From there, I produced at least twelve cover arts. Creating, discarding, taking back, and combining until I reached the final one.
The whole process took two whole months where I had to focus all my energies on that cover. It has been painful, to say the least.
I haven't written anything new or done anything else unrelated to this issue.
My husband patiently helped me, when I understand, I am a difficult person to work with, particularly when I am creating.
By the way here is the final-final cover:

Also, the planned release day was something going wrong. In the beginning, it was supposed to be released on Christmas day.
Hmm... Nope!
The next scheduled release was for Valentine... Nope too.
Now, I have finally everything (or almost) ready.
The blurb is done, the cover art ready, the editing is fine, and going through beta readers and my second reading.
Everything seems ready and mark the date, as the 17.3 the release is scheduled, and I can't see the time.
Wish you all a great weekend!

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