Saturday, January 25, 2020

Quote of the day - Life and motivation

Every day I stumble into something worth sharing with those who have the patience to follow me. The world is full of inspirational quotes, and we read at them, understanding their depth and simplicity.
So here is one:

Life happens every second, and quotes like this one might feel overwhelming. Creating a whole life worth watching at the end of your days is a challenge, and perhaps this is not even what it's supposed to be.
Life is made of idle moments where you take a pause to think, to admire what you have around, what you have achieved and to dream what would you like to do next.
Moments that live for themselves and don't include doing something special. Yet, they make us feel good, and if they can put a smile on our faces, they are fully worth it.
There will be endless times of working on a longer schedule, feeling: "I'm not paid enough to take this shit."
Yet, there will be those times when you do something to be proud of for the years to come.
If you see this as a whole, the life flashing in front of your eyes might be something even boring to see. Moreover, when we look at our past, we might still find something we might have done differently.
For this reason, if one day, my life flashes in front of my eyes the only words I want to be able to describe it would be: "Carpe Diem."
Create something for the future, but don't forget that your life is happening now, and you need to enjoy it at this moment. Don't get too stressed at how it will look like, once you're old or once you will have to look back at what you've done (you will always watch it with a too critical eye).
I guess that the best show worth watching at that time is that you lived your life enjoying every second of it.
You might have not saved the world, or you might not have been a superhero. But you have lived your life, you enjoyed what it brought and built something even only for yourself.
Nobody should ever get too stressed about becoming someone special, we all are in our different ways without trying too hard or trying to be someone else.
Make your day worth living.
Have a great weekend you all!

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