Saturday, July 21, 2018

I got lost in the woods!! (and I can say you should too)

Well, yes, it happens that from time to time, I get lost in the woods, and when this happens, it happens that I always have a camera with me (how peculiar!).
Admittedly, living close to the woods makes the temptation higher than deciding to go to the city (even if the distance is the same).
Most of the times I feel like having a walk to the boulevard, on the main shopping street or to the seaside, it doesn't appeal me the way the calm and peace of the forest does instead.
Therefore this time I tell you about the many reasons why, unless you need to go shopping or meet friends at a cafeteria, it is advisable to have a walk in nature.
The first of all is that it's never crowded.
One thing for sure is that the forest is so vast that it is almost impossible for it to be crowded, besides many people get fatally attracted to the city than by the woods.
Nevertheless, you will always meet new and interesting people:
You will get into dark alleys where fairies and dwarves will invite you to enter. You will never know whether it is a friendly invitation or a trap, one thing for sure, you might not even think of missing the chance to find it out by yourself:
In those mystical places, where every noise seems innocent, yet alerting, you will definitely find your inner peace as the whole world finally opens its secrets to those who can listen and are willing to see further and deeper into this darkness.
You get tempted to explore and see thing from a different angle:
And if you do, you might be amazed of all the details you might have not noticed before. You get reminded that you are not just a spectator; you are a part of it, and you need to respect everything of that natural equilibrium. Without it, there is nothing, not even us.
Take your time, sit down, explore it until you can feel it inside your soul. Then, when you finally go back to your home, there is nothing more rewarding than looking back at what you have left behind and being amazed with a blaze in the sky, as the sun goes down for the night creatures to sing their songs.
Have a great day you all!!


  1. Nothing like getting lost in the woods, eh?! Lovely images, PJ!

    Jo UK
    Creating My Odyssey- Liberating the Real Me After Thirty Years Of Depression and Anxiety

  2. While sinister to venture too far into the forest, it is by and large tranquil. The calming effects stay with you.

  3. Lovely photos! I miss wandering through the woods.


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