Saturday, June 30, 2018

How summer can change everything

Once again my job took me far from home to the north of Finland. Last time I was there, for a longer time, it was winter. Although snow can transform everything into a pure and magical environment, it also gives a sort of melancholic look that can grab your heart and fill it with sorrow. This was, at least what happened to me when I visited the town of Raahe (if you remember the blog post of the 2/17/18).
Winter had his beautiful side indeed, but this time I was there in the middle of the summer, and I was overwhelmed by the difference. The town looked still quite lonely but in bright colors.
It was no more the grey, cold and sad place I used to know. This was a place full of vital energy and BEHOLD! There was the sea, the harbor.
Last time I was there, I was sure the sea was much farther than it actually is, and seeing the harbor just in the city, was something that surprised me a lot.
It was almost impossible to say that I was in the same place. Also, the statue of Mr. Pehr Brahe looked like he was smiling at the gorgeous view, it seemed like he could finally recall the reason why he wanted a city right there.
He was no more regretting his choice, and I bet this happens every summer when the place can finally show all its potential.
 This time, however, I will leave more the pictures I have taken speaking for me, because this little tiny place, deserves a lot of attention and love.

After some time of wandering around during my spare time I came across something that tells a lot about the way Finnish people are straightforward. I might have told you about their way of not being keen to small talk. They go directly to the point, and do not waste time in futile explanations.

 Here is a MUSEO, as you could see. What kind of museo you ask? Well that kind where you store interesting historical artifacts, they would reply. If you want to know more you'd better go inside and check by yourself.
To be precise there are other seven other museo in the town, and that makes you really want to go and see them all. This would not be a bad idea, particularly because in this way you can have the unique chance to understand how life was during the early years Finnish civilization. One artifact in particular will catch your attention, and that is an ancient prototype for a diving suit. It is called the "Gentleman" (for no reason, really).
It is dated 1700 entirely made with calf skin, the seams are sewn with a waxed thread and sealed with a mixture of pig's fat, tar and pitch. A visit to each and every museo, is highly suggested, because of the very interesting artifacts that can be found exposed there.
Again, for today this is it. I hope you enjoyed the tour and the great weather.
Stay tuned and see you next week!


  1. I enjoyed the tour. What a difference a season makes to change one's mood and perspective.

  2. This was great. Finland is on my bucket list, and I'm sure I would rather visit in summer than in winter.

  3. I have been to Finland once in the winter. I liked it then, and bet I would like it even more in the summer. Such lovely, friendly citizens. How fortunate you are to have a job that allows you to travel. Buon viaggio!


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