Saturday, June 17, 2017

The caribbean, without the pirates, but with the Wandering Writer

Who needs a pirate when you can have the Wandering Writer telling you about great trips, with twists?
OK, I know what you are thinking, if the pirate is Jack Sparrow, you'd dump me anytime and jump on the Black Pearl, what the heck? I would do the same.
This time, we arrived in Caracas or as the full official name  Santiago de Léon de Caracas, the bustling center of Venezuela, its capital and also largest city.
The first thing that came to my mind as I arrived was how the things were different from how I imagined them. Admittedly that I didn't have any idea of what to expect, the Venezuela and particularly Caracas surprised me in a positive way. Regardless the high crime rate, we felt safe to walk in the evenings on the streets, and differently than in Africa, we weren't even warned about having a taste of the local nightlife.
One thing that you need to keep in mind is being sure you always have enough money in the local currency because changing at the last minute can be difficult. Never trust the people who are changing in the streets illegally, as the chances to get forged money is quite high, and is, of course, illegal too.
However, avoid to change the money in a bank, as the process can be long and painful. We didn't know that, and since we needed cash and we couldn't find any ATM around, we spent at least two hours in a bank. There we were asked to fill thousands of forms, giving information about our jobs, back in our country, the name of the employer (firm and direct supervisor), took our fingerprints and other weird stuff.
I understand they wanted to be sure about the transaction, but this totally discouraged us from doing this again. For this reason, I warn you to get out from the hotel with the necessary amount of cash and never even by chance enter a bank.
The city looks immediately very crowded

Nevertheless, it has also a unique character, and you will really find intriguing the colorful way to build their houses. In some places, it is like living in a rainbow, and that will definitely put a smile on your face
There are plenty of possibilities for a true shopper. However, it seems like if you are a skinny woman, you will be truly challenged to find the right size
For us, the real meaning of the trip was, besides getting in touch with the culture and lifestyle, also to
discover the natural wonders, and with that I mean one of the most breathtaking and spectacular natural wonder in the world.
The Angel Falls, which is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 meters and a plunge of 807 meters. With these premises, going to Venezuela and not checking out the falls is a big sin.
So with a cute little plane, we were ready to fly
And... Ohhh... Marvel!!
The beauty of those falls, I cannot find the right words that can describe such a wonder, it was like being flooded with trillions of emotions all at once, as we flew closer and closer to the slope. The natural wonders, of course, do not stop there, as there are many other small falls that deserved to be seen, particularly the Hacha Falls on the Carrao River.
where you can have a walk just behind the falls and admire their beauty. I really suggest to go and check out this experience too.

Not to forget to spend some days in the Isla Margarita; it is indeed a very touristic place where to go, but if you ever wondered whether the Caribbean sand is really that white,  can tell you right away...
And if you wondered also if they make the best rum of the world, again the answer is ...
The real treasure in the Caribbean are the natural wonders, the great forests, the mighty rivers, the white sands and the amazing water falls.
Oh, and not to forget the lovely inhabitants that will bring out the little child inside your heart and you will be surprised in finding yourself running behind this cute little fellows.
Nevertheless, as the day will come to an end, you will rather stop running behind the crabs and enjoy the sunset sipping a mojito.
And with this, I greet you, wherever you are, waiting to see you again next week for another post on this blog.
Stay tuned!!

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