Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sometimes you need to look around to see Beauty... a journey with The Wandering Writer

Far from very exotic and unexpected places on this planet, I'm going to tell you about a place, which is not as exotic as the previous destinations. However, I'm sure it will be able to charm you with its romantic beauty.
Riga, the romantic city of the Baltic and the largest city of Latvia, the city of amazingly beautiful architecture and characteristic restaurants/pubs full of soul that will enchant you, bringing back to a non-defined time, where to lose yourself in dreams you thought you'd never have.
Bad luck seems to be on our side, at least not for the good weather, or perhaps it was just our fault to travel there in fall and not in summer?
Either way, even if not raining, the Sun didn't shine upon us, except for a few breaks of fog and clouds.
Nevertheless, fog added that sort of melancholic romance to the city, and perhaps not everything was lost. So, I talked about the beautiful architecture, and here are some examples to make you wish you were already there:

One of the most iconic building is "The Brotherhood of Blackheads" building. The Brotherhood was originally a military organization  active in Latvia and Estonia, nevertheless, with the time, it lost the military aspects becoming a predominantly social organization of unmarried merchants, ship owners, and foreigners.
I couldn't figure out the reason why they should have been unmarried, but I believe it has to do with the fact that they were connected with the order of the Dominican Monks (I cannot be sure about it, mine it is just a wild guess, so take it with the due doubts).

Another landmark is the Freedom Monument, and it is meant to honor all the soldiers who were killed during the Latvian War of Independence (19181920). As you can imagine, this is a very important landmark for every Latvian, and even in that foggy day, was a very suggestive view.

However, it doesn't matter whether the building has a particular history or it is bound to a precise historical event, or not. The whole city offers stunning views of exquisite architecture and architectural motifs that decorate most of the buildings in the city.
Each of them offers the chance to get inspired to take pictures from different perspectives, also inviting the least expert photographer to dare new points of views.
Let's not forget the romantic beauty of the parks, something that never disappoints despite the weather. Whether it will be raining, sunny, foggy or cloudy, the green areas of the city offer rest for the restless soul, the inspiration for the artists and relief from the daily problems. Just try and see it for yourself the great benefits of just sitting down in those parks.

The Daugava or Western Dvina is the river that crosses the city (and also the whole country), which gives an extra value not only to the green spaces but also to the whole city

and when the fog fades away, the sun can make miracles mirroring the city on its clear and calm surface.
The city, offers a lot of surprises, no only because of its beauty, but also for the curiosities you can find here and there, by walking around:

The black magic coffee shop is one of the most curious of all, and a must see, and try. You will fall in love with the coffee and the selections of drink and if there is a place in this world where you should try the local drink "Melnais Balzams" (black balsam) is a traditional Latvian herbal liqueur made with many different natural ingredients mixed with pure vodka.

Stop at every bar/cafeteria, because each of them has a unique character that will entice you leaving you definitely speechless. But is there really need to say anything when your senses are satisfied. 


  1. Lovely photos and a great virtual tour.

    1. I am really glad you liked it Amy, thank you for stopping by!


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