Saturday, March 14, 2020

Something to lighten up the mood

Recently, the coronavirus that has been spread like an oil patch in the calm sea has taken over social media. Undeniably, talking about it it's positive and gives he right awareness to a problem that touches everyone on this planet.
Nevertheless, as in many other cases, there is a lot of misinformation spreading on the internet. People are strongly suggested, for their own sake, to follow only the recommendations of their local healthcare institutions. Refrain from believing that lemon will save you from the virus or to start producing at home a cure that might compromise your health, and also your life.

Today, I wish instead to bring something to light up the mood of the people. It's my contribution to lighten up the mood and give a safe medication: A smile.
I know there isn't any proven medical effect on diseases, but if you are quarantined at home, having something that brings a good mood is better than being reclused and sad.
I have two things to offer:
My pictures, a passion that has been with me since I was a little child, and my books.
So, today I will share them with you, and I hope you will like them:

Photography is also a fuel for my writing. 
What I see, inspires me to write the next story. It can be a scenery, a bird, or a particular shade from where flowers seem to glow with their own light.
It's on the people I meet during my travels or the stories they tell. Whatever it is, my books reflect my experiences, not just as a traveler, but as an observer of this planet.
If you, just like me and many others, are forced to stay home and be in quarantine because of the virus, I guess there isn't a better way to pass the time then by reading a good book. 
Something that can bring you far away from the dullness and sadness of forced confinement. 
Better than toilette paper! 
You can find them here:
or visiting my website:

Take care of yourself and of those close to you be them your neighbor, your family or the elderly lady you haven't seen today.


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