Saturday, December 7, 2019

It's a magical world!

Today I am going to tell you about one of my passions besides writing: photography.
I believe there is a very close connection between all forms of art. In my case, the three things that go hand in hand are writing, traveling, and photography.
How do they relate to each other? Well, writing needs inspiration right? What better inspiration than visiting new places, experiencing cultures, meeting people, reading other countries' newspapers.
Photography offers inspiration. This one helps me to think outside the box, see the world from different perspectives, and clear my mind whenever I feel stuck with a page or chapter.
Here, the weather started to be quite unstable. It began with a chilling period, when we had the first snow, to the time we are now with temperatures that raised far above the seasonal average.
Despite this, during this winter, I was lucky enough to have a camera with me right when I needed it and could get some interesting shots that helped me going through the last few weeks.
Due to stress at work, I couldn't proceed with my writing, so I just got out and took a walk in the forest.
What I found was really stunning, and I spent most of the time taking shots of those crystals. 

The perfect harmony between the white of the snow, ice, and the blue of the sky (believe me, it's quite rare) was extremely inspiring. I could have spent the whole day there.

 And that was exactly what I did. Not caring about the temperature, I stayed the whole day out, to take pictures, and admire the sceneries.
I also got the chance to take a shot of a hawk, who was taking a rest on a tree, checking the food situation on his territory.
Undeniably, days and walks like this give a lot of inspiration, besides offering the chance to unwind from the stress of everyday life. 
With those images, I greet you for this weekend and wish you a great day.

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