Saturday, September 15, 2018

From east to west but still something stunning: Courmayeur, Italy

Last week we were in Trento, where I could eat the best strudel in the world. Now if we continue our journey and we take the A22 highway that reaches the Po valley (you don't want to get tangled with little curvy roads through the Alps), and continues through Milan (you can even take the chance and have a break there the trip takes about four hours!).
Then continue to the A5 highway in the direction of "Monte Bianco" you drive through a numberless amount of cute towns, made of those lovely wooden huts that make you in the mood of jodeling even you don't even know what it is.
Besides these, you will cross valleys with dramatic peaks at the side (watch the road, though!) that will give you a foretaste of what is waiting for you at the end of this endless driving.
Then after an endless drive through tunnels that will bring you to the heart of the mountains, you will finally reach the little town of Courmayeur, a small place of only about 3000 inhabitants in the region of Valle d'Aosta.
That little oasis of peace, so different from Trento and other bustling cities is the ultimate resort for winter sports lovers, those who appreciate the quiet and want to enjoy the natural beauties far from the hassle of the city.
And indeed if we talk about history, there is not a particular happening or a monument that can bring you to the ancient times. Nevertheless, you do not need always to get tangled in historical or cultural happenings to enjoy a particular place. Especially when we talk about natural beauties.
But let's have a look around.
Likewise, for the little town, you have driven through that feeling of jodeling will remain with you, and perhaps you will also start to search for it if you haven't ever heard about it.
As I always say when suggesting an itinerary on the mountains, "always search for a vantage point."
This has nothing to do with basic survival skills, but rather with the chance to see things from the eyes of the birds, those fortunate creatures who can enjoy a better panorama than we could ever guess.
However, in the mountains, this is something that is entirely at the reach of those who do not have wings at their advantage, as climbing a higher peak can bring you to the point of seeing the world from another perspective.
This is the place where I'd love to stay the most, a place filled with silence, contemplating the beauties of nature and being as far as possible from the problems of the everyday life. Far from traffic, noise, pollution.
A place where to listen to the voice of my soul, too many time muffled by the outside noises the modern life is offering.
With this, I will have to leave you and give appointment to the next time.
Now, concerning the next time, I am not sure because between Friday and Saturday next week I will be traveling to Vietnam. I might be able to either post something concise, giving you the appointment to the following week with a fast preview of the trip, or I will just skip the post. I will try my best.
In the meanwhile have a lovely weekend!!

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