Saturday, May 12, 2018

Observing and observing... the Wandering Writer gets a bit lost.

Oh, I should have known that since the beginning. Last week threat wasnt really followed by many people like generally it happened for other blog posts.
The reason is not that the post was not good enough or interesting enough. Instead, I think it was quite a funny adventure I had, the problem was that there werent pictures. People werent intrigued to click the link to go and read my blog because it was just text. Of course, this is something that even children know if you want some engagement to offer something visual, dont just shout out the fact that a new issue is out, please go and check.
NOTE TO SELF: always put pictures on your blog. If it happens as the last time, and you dont have any pictures, get the permission to use others people pictures.
So today topic is something curious which some of you might have the curiosity to try to experience what is the most incredible life cycle in the world.  
The life cycle of a butterfly.
So, we all know that the butterflies make eggs during the summer, from which a caterpillar is born and lives its life for the whole summer as a caterpillar feeding itself, trying not to become a tasty snack for the birds. In Fall, the caterpillar will search for a place where to pupate in a chrysalis. It takes an entire winter for the pupa to transform into a butterfly, and in spring it will get out of the chrysalis in its beauty, spending some time to spread the wings, dry them and fly away towards new adventures.
It is not unusual that in September I gather one caterpillar, put it in a large glass container with a lot of food and soil.
With the time she will dig a hole and pupate. Last September I gathered the caterpillar of an Elephant Hawk-moth.
The whole winter I have been kept it at a temperature between -1 and -10 Celsius. As soon as the weather started to be milder and the flowers started to bloom, I took her to a warmer place, just to let her understand that the time to wake up has arrived and she might want to speed up the final stages of the transformation.
A few weeks ago, on a nice morning, this beauty decided that it arrived the time to open the zipper of the chrysalis, spread the wings and fly to new adventures.
I have done it before, but every time it gives me a very intense feeling, fills my heart with joy and makes me long for the fall to come to gather a new one. In the meanwhile, I continue to observe the nature behind the lens of my camera, trying to get new content for my album and for my memories.
Hope you enjoyed this interesting experience.
Have a lovely weekend wherever you are!

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