Saturday, August 19, 2017

A tour to the smallest Countries with the Wandering Writer, are you ready?

Some would say that size does matter, other would reply that it doesn't. As for me, I do believe that when we are talking about cities and, in this case, countries, size doesn't matter at all.
Instead, a small country can be visited effortlessly in a short time, particularly if we are talking about those countries that have the same size of a city.
Today, we are going to the Republic of San Marino and considered its small areal extension (about 61 km2) with a population of 33000 inhabitants, you might wonder how can this be an independent state. For this, we need to recall the history of the country, which had its independence in 301 AD.
The story goes like this, a stone cutter (San Marino) escaped the persecutions against the Christians and founded a small community in the Mount Titano, the highest of the seven hills of the Roman Republic. The community was established in the territories owned by a rich woman from Rimini, who gifted the place to the community and was called in honor of the founder "Land of San Marino."
According to a legend, before dying San Marino pronounced his last words: "Relinquo vos liberos ab utroque homine" or "I set you free from both the men," meaning both the Pope and the Emperor.
Those words became the foundation of the independence of the Republic.
Now, let's talk about the city and the feelings I had as I was visiting it.
That day was perhaps the best day for a visit and a thick fog embedded the whole hilltop; I know what you are thinking, and no, I haven't gone crazy. The fact is that nothing makes a place more suggestive than fog, and considering that the main attraction is the fortress, you can agree with me that a castle on the top of the hill when the weather is foggy, is the best to hope for.

What do you think? Isn't it impressive?
The city instead didn't look great with the fog...

Nevertheless, the view of the valley with or without the fog was absolutely stunning. However, something that I totally forgot to remember was that I suffer a bit scared of heights. As I happily and carelessly climbed the outer part of the castle, intrigued by the view I was going to enjoy and the pictures I would have taken, my own reality stroke back.

I was petrified, yet in awe of the beauty of the sweet beauty of the valley just under my feet. San Marino is the perfect place to visit for a day visit, the typical place you want to see but do not need to reserve a week or more. Great visit for a Sunday stroll, if you happen to be in the neighborhoods.
We spent the whole day, and when it was time to leave, also the fog decided to clear, allowing us to have a nice view of the external part of the fortress. 

 Not to mention the fantastic sunset we could enjoy on our way home
And with this wonderful sunset I wish you a great day and weekend.
Stay tuned!!!

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