Friday, March 3, 2017

Lost in the country of tango and flamenco - the Wandering Writer, dances again

It was an almost obvious choice that after visiting Morocco, we would have been tempted to take the ferry and travel to Spain. And in fact, this is what we did.
The number of sailings from Tangier to Tarifa scheduled daily can be quite impressive, and it should bring into perspective the definition of tourism from Spain to Morocco, not as something to discover new cultures, but as a way to get better deals on the purchase or spend a weekend outdoors.
The ferry stops in Tarifa, but we continued with the bus to Malaga via Algeciras, our final destination. Once again choosing the bus revealed to be a good choice, as we could have a better glimpse of the country, and the different sceneries offered by one of the countries which offer an incredible diversity in terms of microclimates in Europe.
In fact, Spain offers at least eight different climates from the cold desert, cold semi-arid, warm Mediterranean, temperate Mediterranean, oceanic, temperate continental humid, cool continental subarctic (under the Pyrenees) and temperate continental.
This diversity makes of Spain one of the most attractive countries where to live, but soon I am going to give you more reasons that will make you want to quit everything and think about moving in this sunny pearl of the Mediterranean.
I will not spend much time describing the history and the main touristic attraction of Malaga, because I do believe that the real attraction is the city itself, with the great food experience, the friendliness of the people, the mild climate, and the relaxed lifestyle that is generally part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. It is the second largest city in Andalusia and a real pearl facing the Mediterranean sea.
If you ever wondered the reason why people living in the Mediterranean area live longer lives, I can tell you that, besides the healthy cuisine, there is a no-stress way of living. Nothing has to be done necessarily now, and there is no shame in procrastination.
A healthy lifestyle also means that you have to take time for yourself to recharge and have quality time either alone, with your family or with your friends. A life lived only thinking about your job doesnt have any balance and wont make you happy in the long run.

Something I would recommend for a great afternoon, is to get immersed in history, visiting the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre. For me, being an adorer of Roman Empire, it was almost a must to visit, regardless the initial reluctance of my husband (who after thanked me for insisting on going men!).

Alcazaba is a Spanish word that comes from the Arabic and means citadel. It was built in the 11th Century during the Hammudid dynasty and represent a fortification of the original palace. Like any other fortifications, it has been built on the hill adjacent to the coast, and the reason was obviously to have a better vantage point to spot the early income of enemies and be prepared to defend the city.
Nowadays it just offers a great view of the valley and on the adjacent Roman theatre, which was partially used to build the ramparts (what a shame!)
Walking on the streets, you can be tempted to have a stroll on one of the fanciest streets and perhaps fall into temptation for a shopping spree. Not being myself a real shopper, as I do buy only and exclusively what, and when I really need something, I indulged myself in a very inexpensive and amusing activity, window-shopping. This means looking at the windows, maybe going inside the shop to see what they have to offer, and continue without buying anything (I guess the personnel of the shops hate people like me!).
Calle Larios is for this sort of activity, one of the best shopping streets, and can also offer interesting entertainment by random performers.

Being Malaga a city on the sea, could you really avoid and check out La Costa del Sol? Absolutely not, and so we also did and had a lovely afternoon on the beach, sipping a fresh beer and enjoying the sweet part of the deal.

Travelling is indeed a big part of my life, and I always feel restless unless I do not have a flight ticket in my pocket. Sometimes it had been only one holiday in a year, some others I have been in many places, but it doesnt matter whether the destination is an easy and relaxing place or a conflict area with a due load of excitement. What really matters for me it is just getting to know a different kind of people, meeting new cultures, and sceneries that tickle my imagination beyond any boundaries.
Stretching my views over the horizon, meeting something different, unexpected, also unpleasant, sometimes, but all for the sake of the inner growth.
As a writer, I use my journeys as a way to get new inspirations, to find new ideas about the characters I will talk about. It can be the prince of the Maasai, or the little girl who stole my heart in Sierra Leone, or the taxi driver who spoke an amazing English in a place where you would never expect anyone to speak it.
I find my mind, getting lost in the admiration of nature, and perhaps even by describing in this blog my adventures I find a source of inspiration. Moreover, I find this a great way to improve my way of expressing whats inside my heart. I really wish I were able to show you with my words the amazing world inside my soul, but to this only you, my dear reader can give an answer.

To the next time! Stay tuned and have a lovely day!

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