Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Something about me

I have never been very popular in my life. I was considered a strange kid by my classmates. My primary school teacher defined me "smart like a weasel, but sometimes it is hard to catch her attention."
At those times I wasn't really able to express myself in words, and I mostly communicated through my drawings. I loved mystery and horror even before having watched a horror movie (in the 70's, we didn't even have a television). However, very soon after discovering the use of paper and pen, I started to write. I didn't keep a diary, like many girls of my age, but I kept a small notebook where I could write my feelings and draw them.
When was the time to choose the High School, it was for me very clear that I needed to go at the Art Institute. I knew that was the place where I was meant to be and that was where I was going to study, at any costs. My father was not really convinced, but as an art lover, he accepted my decision.
I finished my studies with good grades, but when it was the time to choose whether to find a job or to continue to the University, I didn't have any second thought.
"I will go to the University," I announced in a mid summer day.
"Great!" said my father, who wanted since the beginning to address me to science "did you already decide what Faculty?"
"I will go to some presentation courses to understand what's on the market."
And so, full of hopes I started diligently to follow all the introductory days, courses and so on.
Mathematics... I hate maths!
Physics? ... Oh please! No way!
Chemistry... Hmm... Nope, not on my list.

The list went on and I was almost hopeless, when I stumbled on the presentation of the faculty of Geosciences...
Love at first sight!
I graduated with decent grades (hey! I had also a life to live) but looking around me, I saw nothing to make a career of. The only places I could find a job were on a voluntary base...
I was looking for a job to pay my bills, not for slavery!
I started to look around what the rest of the world had to offer, and finally I landed to an International Master course offered by the University of Tübingen (Germany).
"Maybe this is the chance I was looking for," I thought.
Without even consulting my family, I sent my application and got accepted.
It was difficult to tell my mother that I was going to move away from Italy to Germany, she took it as a personal offence, but that was my life, so I packed my life in a suitcase and left, never to return.
Life in a new country, alone for the first time, was darn difficult, but I didn't life scare me; not even when I didn't have money to buy food for an entire week. I was just there saying "throw your shit against me, you won't have my soul."
I didn't survive, I thrived and graduated, just to be accepted for a gig job in Finland.
What can I say? I packed once again my life in a suitcase and left, never to return.
Life rewarded me, and I can consider myself an accomplished scientist...
Though, I've never quitted writing, even if it was just for myself.
Now, all the stories that I have written will see the light of day in the form of self published novels, in the hope that someone can read them and enjoy them.

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